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Jeanine Esposito, Artist

Jeanine Esposito is a sculptor and conceptual installation artist.  Her work always starts with a concept or message and she uses a wide variety of media to best communicate that idea in a visceral way. “Materials are like languages for me. There are some things that can only be expressed through art and each idea or concept must be expressed through the language that is most precise, that gets to the emotional center of the idea.” She has a significant body of large sculptural works done in translucent layers of overbeaten paper/plant fiber and also works in video, sound, photography, found objects and natural materials. “I always seem to be drawn to the emotional and psychological states that accompany critical life transformations. Also, our complex relationship with the truth fascinates me, how we search for it & value it, yet often find it so difficult to embrace when we are face to face with it. I find myself motivated to express formidable, dark concepts or truths by creating pieces of beauty so that people, instead of turning away from it, are drawn to it and find they cannot look away.” 

Jeanine’s work has been featured in over 40 juried shows and she has had 4 important solo shows.  She has won several awards including the Jens Risom Sculpture Award. Her work has been featured in the New York Times as well as in several newspapers. Ms. Esposito was born in Branford, CT and lived in NYC for 12 years before moving to Westport, CT where she now resides and has a studio. She and her concert pianist husband, Frederic Chiu, run Beechwood Arts, a non-profit dedicated to changing the way the arts are experienced and created.

She studied hand papermaking with Kay Johnson in Wisconsin in the 1980’s and continued her studies at Haystack Mountain School in Maine, Dieu Donne in New York City and The Connecticut Graphic Arts Center in Norwalk, CT. She has co-curated shows for Rhode Island School of Design, The Westport Arts Center and Gaining Your Voice Through the Arts and has taught handmade paper sculpture at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking.

“Rarely does an artist alight on the scene with such a perfectly formed aesthetic integrated with resonant content”
                                     -- L. P. Streitfeld, art critic

“ …a nearly perfect integration of content, form & narrative in sculptural works by Jeanine Esposito, tinged with both poignancy and humor.”

                    The Advocate and Greenwich Times