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Jeanine Esposito, Artist


Transformation and Rebirth

Artist Statement About the Work

The pieces in this series represent three phases of the life-death-life cycle that follows us throughout our lives.  The work speaks to those profound transformations that occur infrequently in one’s life (maybe only once, maybe never!).

The first phase is the breaking down of what one has set up around and inside of oneself.  This is the death cycle that is so critical to real insight and eventual transformation.  This breaking down, this dismantling is often wrenching, sometimes destructive, always emotional.  It creates a void – a loss – that makes way for the possibility of birthing something new.  (Burned, Rage, Internal Bleeding, Bound)

The second phase is coming to consciousness --  reconnecting to one’s intuition,  gaining insight.  It is also the discovery following this insight of new things, of things previously hidden, now revealed among the ashes and debris. 

(Tears, Spinal Tap, Forgiveness, Skin Deep, Knowing)

Finally, there is the promise of new life – seeds, pods full of possibilities, rich soil, growth, commitment. (All My Eggs, Nature/Nurture, Cocooning, Opportunity & Regret II)

Works included:



Internal Bleeding



Spinal Tap


Skin Deep




Opportunity & Regret II

Watch the Moon

United We Fall

Life Rains